Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of our Country through writing, international writing system (putting on the notes) and making recognized the Rwandan compositions at international level.

The Organization has the following objectives:

  1. Joining forces of music typists and different groups in order to sensitize Rwandan artists to opt for the international system of writing in their compositions (by putting them on the notes), searching the texts of their compositions and making them internationally recognized,
  2. Working for Unity and Reconciliation for the promotion of a culture of peace in Rwanda, in the Great Lakes region and throughout the world by the force of music typists.
  3. Initiate Rwandan musicians to create their own jobs as part of the fight against poverty through writing music under the guide of the international system
  4. Strengthen the skills of Rwandan artists in helping them put their compositions in the international writing system (putting them on the notes)
  5. Change the artistic system in Rwanda through the international recognition of compositions written in the international system of music (on the notes)
  6. Promoting the language and the Rwandan culture through artistic writing of compositions, in line with understanding, thought and culture in the context of eradicating the bad culture of theft of others compositions.
  7. Support the national gender policy in all of the music typists.
  8. Eradicating the problem of lack of artistic writing of Rwandan compositions written in the international system (the notes) under facilitating researchers and artists in the music of the future using these compositions in their nature,
  9. Enabling the Rwandan music is easy to decipher internationally in the ease of the artist himself and his music company, because these compositions are written in the international system (the notes) – Conservation of Rwanda of compositions,
  10. Assist Rwandan artists to love and be informed of the storage system of their compositions and their implementation in the international system of writing music,
  11. To provide skilled labor in schools as part of increasing the number of people able to decipher and write compositions in the international system of notes, as well as helping Rwandans to love music in general.

Rwanda Music Transcriptors Union © 2017
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