Umuganura day 2017

Umuganura, also known also as Thanksgiving Day or National harvest day, it is a celebration of the beginning of the harvest.
Despite its long history, Umuganura has only been a public holiday since 2011. Its celebration was suppressed in 1925 during Rwanda’s colonial period.

The focus of the traditional Umuganura was to give the harvest the blessing of the ancestors. This would happen first at a family level focused on that family’s ancestors, then the community would come together to have a wider celebration.

Nowadays, while the festival is still seen as having a focus on the harvest – giving thanks for the current year and a time to think about how to improve future harvests, it is also an opportunity for a yearly celebration of achievements from all sectors that contribute to the development of the country.

This year, celebrations in Eastern province have been set at August 21st and held in Rwamagana district, on August 22nd, celebrations have been held in Northern Province in Gicumbi district, Kigali city composed of three districts(kicukiro,Nyarugenge and Gasabo) celebrated Umuganura on 23rd in Gasabo district.

Meanwhile, on August 24th, Umuganura celebrations held in Western Province at Karongi district and on August 25th, residents of Southern Province converged in Nyanza district to celebrate the national harvest day under the theme ‘Nyanza Twataramye’.

Guest sharing Milk

Officials, including Sports and Culture minister Julienne Uwacu (2ndL) and Gender and Family Promotion minister Esperance Nyirasafari (2ndR), eat boiled maize as part of Umuganura Day Ceremony in Nyanza

Rwanda’s female Inanga player Sofia Nzayisenga performs during the ceremony.

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